Sunday, July 1, 2012

Graduation day!

The day everyone has been waiting for is finally here: Graduation day. As The graduates patiently waited to be recognized for all their hard work for the past two weeks (for some, the past few months), and to be reunited with their dog, stories were told of the many differences the the dogs have made in the lives of the recipients in just a short period of time (some listed in previous blog posts). Smiles, laughter and tears were shared as the graduates received their new dogs. Despite the rain you could tell by the look on the kid's faces that they couldn't be more happy. All and all, today was a wonderful day for all who made the trip to the Schmidt Family Vineyard to enjoy the wonderful recognition of all the graduates and their new canine angels.

For those of you who couldn't make it to graduation here is a list of the graduates. Ladies and gentlemen, the graduating class of 2012:


Skylar and Sandy Mays
(Puppy raiser, Sandy Mays of Oregon)

Wyatt and Sheila Kolby
(Puppy raiser, Sheila Kolby of CA and OR)


Rollins and Lianne Rogers
(Puppy raiser - Peggy Spencer of Montana)


Sunshine and Mary Delaney 
(Puppy raiser, The Wallace Family of California)


Galaxy and Natalie Ford
(Puppy raiser, Jon Kolby of California)

*Not Pictured...Kelton and Mason Winkey (Puppy raiser, Cindy Colman of Oregon)

Orion and Joseph Murphy
(Puppy raiser Sinead Hickey of California)


Rebecca & Terra
(Puppy raisers, Gary and Marie Gilbreth 
of Oregon)


Maureen & Taylor
(Puppy raisers Linda and Michelle Magginetti of California)

Assisted Social Teams

Isaac & Qismat
(Puppy raiser, Kris Brewer of Montana)

Seth & Cassie
(Puppy raiser, Pam Sulger of AZ)

Evan & Vida
(Puppy raiser, Dale Balme of Oregon)

Social Dog 

Greg & Star
(Puppy raisers, Kent Rasmussen and
Sharon Illions of California)

Assisted Service Dog

Michelle & Pickles
(Raised and donated by Kalpana Nallen
of Oregon) 

July 2012 placements

PAL Dog Comet
(Puppy raiser, Max & Coreena Crawford of OR)

Service Dog Cosmo
(Puppy raiser, Cat Stadler of CA)

Thanks to everyone who supports Canine Angels with their time, talent and finances. We couldn't do what we do without you!!!  Thank you!

Check the Canine Angels website regularly for upcoming events and updates.

- Hope and Denali