Monday, June 29, 2015

Graduation 2015

Congratulations Class of 2015!

A HUGE Thank You to ALL our supporters.

Together, We're Making a Difference!!!

Thanks to all those who participated in our "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle

Here are the $100 winning numbers:

6/18/15 ~ 056
6/19/15 ~ 376
6/20/15 ~ 764
6/21/15 ~ 736
6/22/15 ~ 071
6/23/15 ~ 248
6/24/15 ~ 612
6/25/15 ~ 019
6/26/15 ~ 443

The $300 winning ticket number:

6/27/15 ~ 874

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Team Training Day 12 ~ Advanced Tasks

Today we got a chance to work on advanced commands. (Yay!!!!) All Canine Angel dogs are trained to help their handlers with everyday tasks such as opening doors, drawer etc., turning on and off lights, and pushing access buttons and elevators. 

These tasks will be particularly important for those such as Kelsey, Jon, and myself, who use wheelchairs. 

The dogs love doing "tugs", "pushes" and "lights" so much they often offer the  behavior several times in quick secession without being prompted (anything to get more food, right?).

Elina & Zoe ~ CAST 1st Graduates

It has been absolutely amazing to watch each participant bond even further with each dog they work. Canine Angel's first graduate, Elina and her service dog Zoe, also popped in to say hello! We look forward to having them for the rest of class.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Team Training Day 11 ~ Canine Club & Movie

We began our morning watching dog behavior at the Canine Club. It was interesting seeing how the pack dynamic changed as new dogs were introduced to the play yard.

After lunch we enjoyed a movie. All the dogs were very well behaved. (and most of the people too)
Winning Raffle Ticket Numbers:
056, 376, 764, 736, 071 & 248 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Team Training Day 10 ~ Mall, PetSmart & Sportsman's

Today began at the Rouge Valley Mall. First stop, a much needed caffeine boost at Starbucks. 

While sitting in the food court enjoying a cup of joe, dogs were challenged with the "french fry test". I'm happy to report that most of the french fries survived the challenge.

A tour around the mall provided ample opportunity to practice, switches, elevators, "up" and "under". 

Discussions about how to safely navigate the mall were an important part of the day. 

We also managed to have a little fun while we were there too.

After the mall, we headed to Olive Garden for lunch. All the dogs were SO well wouldn't even have known they were there!

Following lunch we walked to PetSmart for a little shopping and practice with distraction avoidance.


The day ended at Sportsman's Warehouse.

By the time we got done there, I think most everyone was "dog" tired.

Winning Raffle Ticket Numbers:

056, 376, 764, 736 & 071