Thursday, June 18, 2015

Team Training Day 6 ~ Fun in the Sun

We're back up and running! We started the day off by combining two of the elements we've been working on: distractions and agility course work. 

Can I go yet?!
Meanwhile at the end of the tunnel . . .
That's right our committed students had to work their dog through an agility course (many pieces of which were brand new) that was riddled with human food. 

Not only was this difficult for these VERY food motivated pups, but to make matters worse money was on the line. 
Do I have to?
Are we done yet?
Any food eaten had to be compensated for by the culprit. (otherwise what would be the incentive right?) Everyone did great! Only one plate of eggs down!

After all that all work we all needed a break!
Zzzzz . . ..
And what better way to cool down than to go down to the river!

Some of the pups gravitated toward the water right away, but others were a little more apprehensive.

Not quite sure about the water
There we go. Yay Churro!

Jim, our recreational sports master, took everyone (including the dogs) out on the kayak.


Winning Raffle Ticket Number: 056

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