Monday, June 22, 2015

Team Training Day 10 ~ Mall, PetSmart & Sportsman's

Today began at the Rouge Valley Mall. First stop, a much needed caffeine boost at Starbucks. 

While sitting in the food court enjoying a cup of joe, dogs were challenged with the "french fry test". I'm happy to report that most of the french fries survived the challenge.

A tour around the mall provided ample opportunity to practice, switches, elevators, "up" and "under". 

Discussions about how to safely navigate the mall were an important part of the day. 

We also managed to have a little fun while we were there too.

After the mall, we headed to Olive Garden for lunch. All the dogs were SO well wouldn't even have known they were there!

Following lunch we walked to PetSmart for a little shopping and practice with distraction avoidance.


The day ended at Sportsman's Warehouse.

By the time we got done there, I think most everyone was "dog" tired.

Winning Raffle Ticket Numbers:

056, 376, 764, 736 & 071

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