Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 3 ~ The First Outing!

Today began with more instruction and a lot more dog handling. Given that all of the dogs have been working so hard with us the first two days, we started off with some playtime using agility equipment.

Dogs were encouraged to try things they hadn't done before so it was their handlers job to convince them that it was fun and to get them to do it. Jumping hurdles, going up/down ramps, climbing up/down the slide, were some of the tasks attempted.

Everyone continues to work with multiple dogs, still no one knows who their actual dog will be or what any of their names are. Even after dogs are placed tomorrow, changes can and sometimes do take place.

The slide was a hit with dogs and handlers alike

After lunch, we had another lesson and then more hands on time with the dogs. Since we had to vacate the classroom facility earlier than usual today, we ended up going on an impromptu field trip to Starbucks. 15 dogs and handlers, WOW! The first field trip was not supposed to be until Saturday, but the class was well prepared for the outing and it was refreshing to have a change of scenery.
One Chai Latte and one Puppachio please

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