Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 9 ~ Takin' it to the Streets

Today we hit the streets of Medford for a day of field trips and fun. This morning everyone met at the training center to debrief on how everyone's day off went with the dogs.

After that we headed out to Medford where we started off at Petsmart doing some shopping and having our dogs do some commands. 

From Petsmart we all walked over to The Olive Garden for lunch – where our party of 30 people, and eight or nine dogs pretty much took up an entire room. 

After a nice relaxing lunch we headed over to the the mall where we hit Starbucks for our afternoon pick-me-up. 

 At the mall everyone practiced safely getting on and off an elevator, completing an "up", going "under" a bench, and pressing the access the button to open the doors. Another very long but successful day for all.

Siblings are having a good time too!

Raffle Ticket Winners

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