Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 6 ~ YMCA, Grange Co-op & The Haul

Today was a day packed full of field trips. First it was off to the Grants Pass Family YMCA for a grooming lecture graciously given by Cheryl Bright of Cheryl's Mobile Grooming. After learning some much needed tips of how to keep their future pups fresh and healthy,everyone popped over into to help out with the YMCA's Sensory Gym event catered to kids with sensory sensitivities. The kids got a chance to run around and play. The bouncy house was a big hit.

Next we went to the Grange Co-op to stock up on some much needed supplies and practice handling the dogs in a location with lots of distracting smells, sounds and animals.

After finishing up our shopping we all went and treated ourselves to lunch at The Haul. Fitting 12 dogs and their people in a restaurant on a busy Saturday afternoon is not an easy task, but everyone did great. To finish out the day we went back to the building to have a lecture on maintaining health and then learned how to play the back and forth game with the dogs. This game is important to learn and practice regularly because it can be later be adapted into the get help command if needed. Plus it's super fun and the whole family can get involved. Overall it was a fantastic day and everyone learned a lot.

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