Thursday, June 21, 2012

Team Training ~ Day 10

Today was very important and fun for all the teams. The day started with a tour of the Bear Hotel in Grants Pass. Don't plan on booking your next stay there though, because only bears, nutcrackers and Bigfoot can stay there overnight. The Bear Hotel houses the painted bears that decorate Grants Pass in the summer months. Off season, the bears hibernate at the Bear Hotel. 

Brady Adams, the former president of Evergreen Bank created the Bear Hotel to be much more than a warehouse. A tour this morning took us through the center of the earth, the shield room, the treasure room, Santa's spaceship and sightings of Bigfoot were reported as well. 

Next came the hardest part of the day...testing. Teams met at the Rouge Valley Mall and performed various tasks throughout the mall, to determine the teams readiness to handle their dogs safely in public. The teams are anxious to find out how well they did on their tests. Results will be available tomorrow. For now, it's time for a much deserved good nights rest.

- Hope & Ali

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