Saturday, June 16, 2012

Team Training Day 5

Today was a very special day for all the kids and parents who are in Grants Pass for team training. Over the past few days, they have been working very hard to learn the rules, commands and skills required to successfully work a service dog.

Each student worked on their obstacle course skills. Practicing jumping through a tire, going through an agility tunnel, were a couple of ways that they learned how to handle a dog in new situations, but also trained both the dogs and the people about problems presented in the real world.

In addition, they learned about proper grooming and care of their dog. They also learned about the early stages of dog training. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of today's training was the prospect of bringing a dog back to the hotel with them for an overnight excursion. 

This trip is a very important factor in who gets paired with who. We'll see what happens. Tune in tomorrow for what is sure to be some fun stories about the dog's first hotel slumber party.

- Hope & Denali


PS. Thanks to all the restaurants and individuals who have provided meals during team training. It is very appreciated.

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