Sunday, June 17, 2012

Team Training Day 6 - 6/16/12

Today was another truly eventful day for the graduates to be. The day started with a sharing of stories from last nights overnight trip. The difference that these dogs make is already apparent. One mom says that her son Issac has already shown more independence by putting his clothes on by himself for the very first time! "I didn't even know he could. We are scheduled for therapy to teach him how to dress himself this Summer, I guess our schedule just freed up." This just goes to show you how much more confidence a furry friend can give a child.

Next, the students walked through the "forbidden buffet", a food avoidance challenge where teams had to learn to keep their dog from eating food that was spread on the ground. This was quite a difficult challenge, especially for the Labradors.

Lastly, was the field trip to the Grange Coop where teams had to work around and adapt to different situations and distractions. These included other dogs, cats, people and food.

Thanks for reading and please have a wonderful Father's Day!

-Hope and Denali

A special thanks from all of us at Canine Angels to Barry Shaw for a delicious lunch today.

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