Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Team Training ~ Day 9

Today was a very fun day for everyone, kids and adults alike. The "find" game started the day, then came the human training. During this time students had to train other students to do a random physical task like touch their nose to a chair, or crawl through a tunnel. The "trainers" had to reward the "dogs" with treats (M&M's) and get them to perform their tasks without using commands, just like you would train a puppy. The "dogs" were rewarded with a jackpot (several M&Ms) when they completed the task. This helps simulate what s dog goes though to try and figure out what you want from them and also helps the trainer learn how to avoid confusing their dog. 
Next came the lecture given by Sheila on parasites, poisons, and general dog health. Lastly was a retrieval and cabinet opening practice. Teams practiced getting their dog to pick up items, open doors and turn on lights.

I would like to close today with another story of success. The spotlight shines upon Seth who usually has trouble sitting still, so places like movie theaters are difficult. But now, holding on to his new dog, he was able to sit through a whole movie perfectly content. This is a huge step in the right direction for Seth and his family. Way to go Seth! 

- Hope & Denali

Special thanks to Wild River Pizza for providing lunch at team training today.

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