Monday, June 20, 2016

Team Training Day 9, Grange Co-op, Art & Movie ~ 6/20/16

Today was a very exciting and somewhat exhausting day as it was the class's first real opportunity to challenge themselves out in the real world. 

We spent our time doing a lot of ordinary, everyday things like navigating a store, going to a restaurant. Given time, taking a dog along on these outings will become just as natural as anything else, but for now it's all new and different so it's going to take a lot of time to get used to. 

For this reason we will spend the next week taking the pups out in public as much as possible. Like they say, practice makes perfect!

We started the morning off by going to the Grange Co-op, a local pet supply store, so the class could pick up some much needed things for their future furry friends and also practice working a dog in a place with plenty of distractions like other dogs, bunnies, chicks, treats and squeaky toys, and more.

Then we drove to The Haul for some nourishment and walked to the the Grants Pass Museum of Art to enjoy some the beautiful exhibit featuring local artists. Some of the kids even got to be sketched!

A BIG thank you to Hyla Lipsom for making our visit to the museum possible.

Lastly, we closed the day with a showing of Finding Dory at Southgate Cinemas. It took a bit of ingenuity but everyone succeeded in getting the dogs safely clear of the isles. Spilled popcorn made for great "leave it" practice!

Tune in tomorrow to hear about our latest ventures and get read the newest bio!

Countdown to Graduation Raffle Ticket Winners

214   6/16/16
130   6/17/16
917   6/18/16
815   6/19/16
817   6/20/16
032   6/21/16

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