Monday, June 13, 2016

Team Training Day 2 ~ 6/13/16

Well, we survived the second day!
All the excitement can leave you exhausted!

We started the day with a lecture on corrections how to deal with distractions (such as really interesting kittens!). 

We then got to work with a few different dogs and practice some basic commands such as sit, down, wait, up and jump. 

All these dogs know these commands. But working with new handlers in a new place is different and takes adjustment on everyone's part. 

Everyone is making progress slowly and steadily, and are learning to catch their mistakes. 

After enjoying a nice healthy lunch donated by Pita Pit, we closed the evening with a video on bringing new dogs into the  home and managing a healthy pack structure.

Come check in soon for the first bio of this year's soon-to-be graduates!

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