Saturday, June 18, 2016

Team Training Day 7, A Day of Rest ~ 6/18/16

Today is a much needed day off for everyone. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Jennifer of Jennifer Butler Photography. Jennifer has graciously given freely of her time and talent in capturing special moments for Canine Angels. 

Jennifer Butler
Choosing a photographer can feel like the most overwhelming decision ever. You want someone who will be passionate about the project as they absorb the fleeting beauty of that moment with all the urgency a photographer can feel.

A photograph can capture everything you want to remember. For instance, not only does a portrait show you the way you look -- it shows the love you feel, the laughter you share, and the memories you made. Its purpose is to remind you of the more beautiful moments of your life, and allow you to relive them time after time.

One of the distinguishing characteristics about Jennifer is her appreciation for natural light and her environmental settings. She creates images that speak of life’s greatest moments and purest joys in an evocative yet simple way. The timeless expression and elegance of Jennifer Butler Photography ensures that every piece will become a family treasure.

Always in love with children, her work is driven by her passionate advocacy for special needs children. Her intention is to share their joyful spirits, capturing their beauty during intimate everyday moments. Through exhibits of these visual stories, viewers can appreciate that every child equally deserves the respect and opportunities deserved by all.

When not working, or busy with photo conferences and instructing adults with disabilities on taking pictures, Jennifer can be found growing organic vegetables, cooking and making her own dog food for her 3 spoiled dogs and 1 lazy cat in rural Southern Oregon.

Contact Info:  or (541) 761-4014

As the participants enjoy their day off, take a moment to enjoy
these photos captured by Jennifer.

Countdown to Graduation Raffle Ticket Winners:

214   6/16/16
130   6/17/16
917   6/18/16

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