Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Team Training Day 11, Grooming & Fine Tuning ~ 6/22/16

Here it is folks! Day 11 found us back at the facility graciously donated by Parkway Christian Center where we took the morning to touch base and talk about what the teams would like some help with. 
Several people requested more practice with the find em' game and how to develop it into the "get help" command, while others had questions about retrieving specific objects on command like blankets, cell phones, and Epi-pens. Peter even worked on training a dog to help him remove his shirt by himself (sorry peeps, no pictures to be had here! Mr. future priest didn't want me to post pictures of him shirtless. Imagine that!) 

Everyone had a blast further developing their new skills. We then had a fabulous grooming lecture presented by Cheryl of Cheryl's Mobile Grooming. Thanks so much for lending us your time and expertise, Cheryl!

Today's bio is on Peter. Recent high school graduate and soon to be college student, Peter wants to go to school to become a priest. His favorite desserts are  Resses Peanut butter cups, and even though his favorite command thus far has been "jump," he most looks forward to teaching his dog to "bow" and "pray." In his spare time Peter likes to hangout with friends, go shopping, and go to Disneyland. He hopes that his new service dog can help him be more independent by helping with things like doors, light switches, and picking up dropped items. Getting into college was difficult, but there's no doubt that his dog will help him overcome the trials ahead.

Countdown to Graduation Raffle Ticket Winners

214   6/16/16
130   6/17/16
917   6/18/16
815   6/19/16
817   6/20/16
032   6/21/16
494   6/22/16

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