Thursday, June 23, 2016

Team Training Day 12, Dutch Bros Tour & Play Day ~ 6/23/16

 Today was our last official practice day before the public access test Friday. We started the day with an amazing tour of  the Dutch Bros Headquarters. It was amazing to see all the behind the scenes magic and interact with all the fantastic staff. We really appreciated learning about Duch Bros. family-style culture. We all had a blast! From our family to yours, thank you!

A few cups of joe and lots of merch later, we headed over to the Canine Angels kennels to practice some more advanced skills like light switches, tugging open doors, and treadmill training.

With two weeks of hard work finally finished, we celebrated with a picnic and playtime graciously hosted by Canine Angels President Sheila Kolby. Good food, laughter, and a little ruff-housing does the heart good. Thank you to everyone who made today possible!

Our final bio is on Savannah. Lover of green-apple Dum Dums, swimming, and Netflix, Savannah is an incredibly passionate, witty, 17 year old with  Ehlers-danlos syndrome which affects many aspects of her health including her mobility.

She hopes that her new service dog Taxi will help her retrieve important items like her epi-pen and cell phone, will go get help in a medical emergency, provide comfort and assistance during long hospital stays, as well as help with bracing and balance support. She is most looking forward to training balance work. In the future Savannah wants to go to college to become a doctor. Savannah's parents are incredibly proud of their "Smart, persistent, and amazingly strong" daughter. We cannot wait to see what fantastic inspiring things Savannah and her pup will do together tomorrow and everyday after.

The following pictures were taken by Sammie our Assistant Photographer

Countdown to Graduation Winning Ticket Numbers
214   6/16/16
130   6/17/16
917   6/18/16
815   6/19/16
817   6/20/16
032   6/21/16
494   6/22/16

937   6/23/16

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