Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Team Training ~ Day 10

Today was a very fun day. To start out, teams continued to work on retrieve and other mobility commands like 'tug' and 'light'.

 Then we lightened the mood with a little friendly competition: "musical beds". In this game the kids (and adults) had to get their dogs to lay in a bed when the music stopped. Each time the loser sat out and a bed was removed. This of course continued until one lone victor remained. Not only is this game fun, but everyone must get their dog to react quickly and without error (a very useful skill when you are in a rush. 

After that, everyone learned about what to expect when they get their dogs home. Because life is so different for the dogs at the kennel than in someone's home, it can take a little while for the dogs to adapt and bond. The important thing know is that it just takes time :)

 Next, everyone took a field trip to a working farm. In addition to all the animals, it was a great opportunity to work with the dogs. There were so many new sights, smells and animals, that it wasn't hard to get the dogs distracted. It was interesting to watch how the different teams handled the problems they came across and even more rewarding to see the kids smiles when they saw the different animals.

Thank you to Karen and her family for allowing us to come by and visit, and to the Lynch family for a wonderful homemade lunch and dinner!

"Countdown to Graduation" Raffle ticket: 781

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