Thursday, June 20, 2013

Team Training ~ Day 4

As we reach further into the end of the first week, everyone is gaining a sense of belonging. Everyday, little changes can be seen, all adding up to becoming skillful dog handlers and pack leaders.

First up today was a video on dog psychology. Then everyone got a chance to work a variety of different dogs through the obstacle course before another element was added: agility equipment. Everyone seemed to do well with this new configuration and after lunch, it was time for a lesson on general dog heath (including flea and tick safety).

Finally, to conclude the day, teams played the "find 'em" game. In this game two people split up and go to opposite sides of the room and the dog must go one person and find the other. Once the dog has found the other team member they must hide again and start over. It is essentially doggie hide-and-go-seek. This can be a valuable tool at home if the child is unable to get to their parent and needs help, or a fun game to send notes to one another.

Overall it was a great day, but there will be more hard work tomorrow :)

Thank you
Gates Furniture for breakfast & Wild River Pizza for lunch today!

Winning "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle # 483 
Dog Tired :)

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