Monday, June 24, 2013

Team Training ~ Day 8

Now that everyone had a chance to rest up, it was time for a new challenge. In addition to the basic commands the dogs know (such as sit, shake, down, and lap) it is also important that the teams can effectively use their dogs for more complex tasks as well. 

So today the teams were asked to get their dogs to pull a door open, (a command known as 'tug') and work a light switch. The biggest challenge with this was learning to position themselves (or their wheelchair) in order to achieve success.

 Next up was a trip to the Rouge Valley Mall where teams got a taste of how difficult things can be when distractions are added. Things like dropped food, new smells, and the shear number of people can cause a dog to be less likely to work for you. Therefore it's important that teams get as much experience in scenarios like these before they go home with a dog.

Teams also learned about potential safety hazards that may lurk in the mall such as escalators and elevators (It is important that the dog is right next to you when loading and unloading as to avoid the doors closing with you on one side and the dog on the other)

Overall it was a great but exhausting day...

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