Friday, June 21, 2013

Team Training ~ Day 5

It is now day five and things are finally starting to pick up. The teams went on their first outing to Gates Furniture today. Both the dogs and the people had to learn how to maneuver themselves through the store (preferably without damaging any property) while still paying attention to the world around them. 

Also, each family got to work every dog consecutively, each time running it through the obstacle course (to which both "tug" and the teeter-totter were added).


Lastly, everyone (both dogs and people) went out to the play yard to have an hour of good old fashion fun. To wrap up the day, everyone got to play the "find 'em" with a dog and take them home (to the hotel room) for a test drive.

Tune it tomorrow to  hear everyone's 'first night' stories :)

Thank you to Fred & Marilyn Secco for a delicious lasagne lunch.

The winning "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle # was: 079
Jazz on her way to her first Team Training outing

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