Saturday, June 29, 2013

Graduation Day!

Finally the day everybody has been waiting for: GRADUATION!! Teams were presented their dogs by their puppy raisers and tears of joy were shed - but enough of that! I know what are you thinking. Who went with who?

Presenting the graduating class of 2013

Ambassador Teams:

Kerri Van Pelt with Bella
Raised by Kerri and Henry Van Pelt



Kelly Stack with Calypso
Raised by Tom and Jennifer Killinger

Grace and Yogi
Raised by Hannah Parpart


Aaron Phelps and Lindy ~ Raised by Bill and Hilary Parry

Assisted Service

Alec and Jazz
 Raised by Brad Coyne

Courtney & Samba
Raised by April Smith and family

Lizzie and Bolero 
Raised by Emily Booth

Lucas and Zumba
Raised by myself (Hope) and my mom Ginger

A special thanks to the donor who anonymously gave a gift to each of this years graduates. You know who you are :) And to ALL who made this years graduation possible. Together, we are making a difference!

Today's final winning "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle ticket: 250

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