Saturday, June 22, 2013

Team Training ~ Day 6

I am going to start this post by answering the question I know you have on your mind. How did everyone do on their first night? The answer? Great :) Though there were some minor issues, overall everyone did very well on their first day and the issues faced were to be expected and easily corrected.


So now that I have relieved your curiosity I will continue on with today's synopsis....


 Today was a day full of field trips. It is important that teams get plenty of experience working dogs out in public so they can become more readily aware of problems they might face in the real world.

Some of these things included, fitting through narrow isles, knowing how to respond to petting requests, and how to fit in a bathroom stall (without squishing their dog).
Our CAST photographer squeezing in some "lap" time in the
middle of the Grange Co-op. Now that's dedication :)

First up was a trip to the Grange Co-op. Here teams were educated about different products and tools they will need before they go home with a dog, as well as the problems some products could pose.



Next was a lunch outing where everyone had to fit their dog under the table both non-conspicuously and safely.


Lastly, teams faced the challenges of the movie theater. These included not letting the dogs eat popcorn off the floor (more challenging then it might sound), keeping the isles clear for safety reasons, and keeping the dogs settled down as to not disturb others.

Today's winning "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle ticket: 502

Thank you to the anonymous donor who paid for a large portion of our lunch today that The Vine. So very kind of you. Hope you see this blog post and know just how much you are appreciated.

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