Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Team Training ~ Day 3

If it's okay with everyone reading this, I'm going to start today's post a little differently. I recently came to the realization that there's one thing these posts are missing.

I write a lot about the day to day activities and why they are important, but I haven't talked about the most important thing: the KIDS! They are after all why we do what we do!


We here at Team Training get a chance to get to know them, but some of you may not. And let's face it, these kids are pretty fantastic! So to solve this conundrum, we've decided to put short bios of each family at the bottom of each post for the next few days. Today I interviewed Jose.

Jose, 6 years old, loves vanilla cookies and playing with puppies. He is very happy, loves making friends and hopes to work with computers when he grows up. He is smart, and hopes that his Canine Angel will give him hugs and pick up the Wii remote when he drops it.

When asked what three words best described him he said "Yummy inyour tummy." So far, he has enjoyed having the dogs sit, and hopes to get even closer to all the dogs. Sometimes he has trouble steering his manual wheelchair and scary monsters get in the way, but with his brand of determined optimism, as well as his new puppy, these will be simple obstacles to overcome. 

Today was the first time Jose successfully propelled his manual chair by himself. And I don't mean a few feet, I mean, all over the place!! It was truly amazing. Go Jose!

 Now on to the synopsis:

Today's activities consisted of another obstacle course (this one including a "down-stay" and an "under"), a movie about the difference between the "pack" mentality and human mentality, and had a lecture on training new things and dog philology.

Breakfast was graciously provided by Sandy Mays, our head trainer, and lunch was donated by Casablanca. Believe me when I say thank you for feeding us!


Some of us are already...'dog' tired!

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