Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Team Training ~ Day 8 & 9

First off let me say sorry for the delay in posts. Life has been super busy and stressful the last few days and I haven't been able to get around to it. So here it goes:

Yesterday we started the day off with a lecture and then worked on retrieving. Even if the child the dog is being placed with doesn't need help picking up items, it's always a good thing to practice and helps create a stronger bond between dog and handler. Then after everyone had done their fair share of retrieving, It was time for our annual grooming demo graciously given by Cheryl Bright of Cheryl's Mobile Grooming here in Grants Pass. Thank you for all you do for CAST, not just now, but year round! With that new knowledge acquired, it was time for a mental break for both the dogs and the people.

Everyone went outside to the play yard, and while the dogs and kids were playing, the adults worked more on analyzing pack behavior. Lastly, Sandy (our head trainer), worked with each family individually, helping them work on specific things that they may need. Jose for example, worked on having his dog help him off the ground. Alex and Danielle worked on seizure alert.

Today, we started at the building with lecture on canine health care and then went out to lunch and a movie, as well as taking a tour through Gate's Furniture. It is important that service dog handlers practice real life situations while still here in training. We want them to be get used to juggling regular life and a dog at the same time, and the more we can get out and about the easier it will become. 

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