Thursday, June 19, 2014

Team Training ~ Day 4

Today everyone had to step up their game. Several new, more difficult things were added to the obstacle course including agility equipment, some of which most of the dogs had never used before, and a slide.

Participants also had to get the dog they're working with to lay down on the bed and stay there 15 minutes while other handlers and their dogs went through the obstacle course themselves. Then as soon as they completed that, the bar was raised even higher.

After lunch, which was donated by Marilyn Secco, and the completion of the video on dog physiology, everyone came back into the room only to find that the obstacle course was riddled with landmines of you guested it: food. Tons of it. All over the place.


The handlers had to keep their dogs from eating the food with the "leave it" command. If they still tried to go for it, they had to correct them (easier said than done, believe me!). But everyone, not only survived, but thrived! Good job everybody! With that under their belt, it was time to go home and get some rest.

Now for today's Bio:

16-year-old Alex loves running, the color blue, trail mix and doing word searches. Though he says Team Training is harder than he anticipated, he is still enthusiastic about learning how to train new commands and receiving his dog.

Alex hopes that once he gets his dog it will be able to get help for him in case of any kind of emergency, but especially when he has a seizure. He would much rather read than do math, and is working on getting through high school. Alex is fun to have around and shows a lot of promise when he works with the dogs using his calm and consistent energy.

Today's winning "Countdown to Graduation" raffle ticket: 416
Happy 10th Birthday Garret!

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