Friday, June 20, 2014

Team Training ~ Day 5

Today was a relatively light day so I'm going to start of today's post with a bio.
Keren, age 6, is perhaps best known for her big imagination and award-winning smile. She is smart, funny and a joy to have in class. Some of her favorite activities include 4-H, playing on the swing, going to the movies, swimming and having diving competitions . She hopes that her new dog can, in addition to helping her with the tasks of daily living getting help when needed, fetching dropped items, and providing assistance when lying down/sitting up), be there as a friend and comfort in stressful situations and while sleeping. 

When asked about her favorite part of Team Training this little dynamo said the obstacle courses.  In the future Keren wants to travel to Mexico and Disney World and eat lots of chocolate cream (In a cone. It must be in a cone. Bowls are boring)

I'd like to take this opportunity to commend this years group for all the hard work they've been putting in. I know it's long hours, but you guys have really made progress in the last week.

I've seen Alex coming out of his shell and taking command, Jose moving around like never before, Jim becoming less self conscious, Mason sitting up more and being more vocal, Keren becoming even more determined to tell us what's on her mind, and Danielle becoming more consistent in her handling. Excellent job all!

As for today's synopsis, we did more obstacle course work (with food), this time with higher stakes. This time, if the dog eats anything off the plates, the person handling said dog had to put between $1-$5 in the "tip" jar. Keren's dad left a few dollars lighter, but thankfully, Canine Angels didn't net a lot of money in this particular fundraiser. (Jim, your totally busted up!)

Lastly, all the dogs got to play the "find em'" game for their dinner. Basically, someone hides or stands in a corner of the room, and the dog they are working has to find them in order to get their food. That person then sends the dog to the other person with the command "find em'." In addition to being fun, this game teaches the dogs how to get help in an emergency.

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