Thursday, June 26, 2014

Team Training, Public Access Test ~ Day 11

Day 11... Nervous energy filled the air of the Rouge Valley Mall as teams prepared for their public access test. Each team arrived at their appointed time and demonstrated just how far they've come since they arrived in Grants Pass for team training. 

The public access test is used to determine whether or not the teams are ready to be out on their own in public. Safety for the dogs and the handlers are of greatest importance. 

It takes over an hour for each team to complete testing. Some of the things that are measured are the dogs ability to ignore food on the floor (affectionately known as the "french fry test"), performing commands such as "under" & "up", staying beside the handler when the leash is dropped, staying calm when the handler is out of sight of the dog, coming when called, greeting a stranger politely, using an elevator safely, and more.

Who says that testing can't be fun???

Perhaps it's a bit easier when your the tester and not the testee. :)

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